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Clear imaging is a critical part of your diagnosis. Whether you have an injury, arthritis, or an unknown pain source, you need images of the area. As one of Miami’s leading orthopedic surgeons, Cesar E. Ceballos, MD, orders only the types of images you need. Most imaging, including X-rays, is done right in his office at OrthoMiami. When you call the office or book your appointment online, let the team know if you have images you’re bringing with you or if you need to have some ordered.

Imaging Q & A

Which types of imaging do I need when I have an injury?

It’s most common to start out with X-rays when you first become a patient of OrthoMiami. But you won’t get those old-fashioned films at the clinic. The staff at OrthoMiami uses digital X-ray imaging, which allows them to capture crystal-clear images, then forward them directly to Dr. Ceballos for review. He often looks over your X-rays during your examination, so he can show you the extent of your injury.

Sometimes getting an ultrasound is beneficial if you have a soft tissue injury. Because OrthoMiami has the most advanced ultrasound devices available, your technician also transfers your images directly to Dr. Ceballos.

If X-rays or ultrasounds aren’t giving Dr. Ceballos enough information, he may refer you out to get an MRI or CT scan. Since he partners with Miami’s top radiologists, you can generally get an imaging appointment quickly, then have your images sent right back to OrthoMiami.

How do I prepare for an X-ray?

Whether you’re getting an X-ray or other type of image, plan on wearing comfortable clothing you can move around in. Your technician might have you change into a gown, if necessary. Leave any jewelry, including piercings, at home so they don’t get lost. You have to remove jewelry and watches before you have an X-ray — or anytime you go through an MRI or CT scan.

Your imaging technician may ask you some questions before getting started. They need to know if you have any metal in your body, if you have implants, or if you could be pregnant. Aside from having to hold very still, you don’t usually have to do anything special for an X-ray or other type of orthopedic imaging procedure.

Is it painful to have imaging done?

It can be, if you have a broken bone or severe injury. Let your technician know if you’re in any sort of discomfort. Because they need to move your injured area around into different positions to get clear images, you might need to take something for pain beforehand. Dr. Ceballos can work with you in this case by prescribing a pain medication.